Ocker Hill

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Organisation Options for Life
Address Ocker Hill Community Hub, St Marks Road

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Email reception@optionsforlife.info
Phone 0121 544 6611
Website https://www.optionsforlife.info/
Opening hours 9 am to 5 pm
Accessibility details Fully accessible

Ocker Hill is our community hub in Tipton, Ocker Hills facilities give us the opportunity to showcase our creative arts.

Music - Music is a fundamental and sensory experience for participants to be involved in. Ocker Hill has a certified music teacher who takes a person-centered approach and works with individuals needs and requirements to actively participate in musical based sessions. Music empowers participants to express their personality and to stimulate enjoyment through music developing choice and autonomous participation.

We offer two main sessions based on music, the Choir group, and the radio group. In choir sessions participants learn and rehearse new group and solo songs, to then perform at various events throughout the year. Options for Life host an annual Christmas event where the choir group perform. Throughout the year hub’s within Options for Life also host small in-house fundraising events where the choir group perform their songs.

The aim of the radio group sessions is to explore new and familiar music through listening and writing. Participants work together to create new songs and to record a radio talk show. For inspiration, learning and having a sensory experience participant’s regularly visit places of interest where they can experience and acknowledge different types of music, instruments, and sensory background sounds.

Music sessions promote Options for Life’s focus on Creative Options. Through Creative Options participants can express their personality by creating music through individualism.

Music is the food of life! Music is a positive and interactive form of learning and retaining skills and confidence. At Ocker Hill participants requirements and expectations will be tailor met to their individual needs by a positive working environment and our person-centered approach.

Drama - The aim of drama sessions is to create and provide theatre experiences for adults with disabilities. Ocker Hill work closely with certified theater teachers who are trained to work with adults that have disabilities. Individuals are actively supported in accordance to their needs to express their creativity and engage in group workshops. In these sessions, we play games and do drama exercises that aim to improve focus, communication skills, trust, Improvisation, character work, acting, dancing, and singing. Through performance and art, we create a platform for participants to build self-confidence, independence, and social interaction. In drama sessions participants learn and rehearse new group and solo acts to then perform at various events throughout the year.
Drama sessions promote Options for Life’s focus on Health for Life and Creative Options. Though health for life participants are active and learning/retaining skills and social experiences. Through creative options participants can express their creativity socially by focusing and engaging in meaningful activities.
Drama empowers participants to explore and develop their individual creative skills by engaging, having fun, and interacting with others.

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Categories Exercise, sport & recreation, Social Activities
Staff Qualifications Staff are qualified to deliver the services of Options for Life.
Gender All
Quality standards Staff subject to Disclosure & Barring Service
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Services focused on particular beneficiaries do not imply that they are offered exclusively to these persons only.