Acorn Lodge

Address details
Organisation Options for Life
Address 137 - 149 Vicarage Road
B68 8JA
Rood End
Contact details
Phone 0121 544 6611
Opening hours 8 am to 5 pm
Accessibility details Fully accessible

This service is for adults with PMLD - complex needs (Profound and Multiple Learning disabilities). Our participants (service users) benefit greatly from sensory input and individual schedules that can be carried out on a one to one basis or within the group sessions.

Our facilities
The Zone – contains an interactive floor projector, a wall projector and surround sound these are used to delivery many sensory and interactive experiences including

• sensory stories – providing multi-sensory story telling either in small groups or individually
• live music experiences give the participants the experience of attending live music events in a safe environment.
• We have an interactive floor projector that displays captivating special effects and multimedia content onto the floor or table surface. The interactive display responds to the slightest movement and puts them in control of the display
• We offer interactive music sessions that include the use of resonance boards to give participants the opportunity to feel the vibration of the music as well as hearing it. As well as frames to hold musical instruments in place in front of wheelchairs to give chose to our participants. We have R-Iot Balls which are programmed to play notes or instrument sounds when hit or moved.

Participants will also benefit from numerous support mechanisms which include physio regimes, sleep systems, intensive interaction, community days out, swimming, including access to our very own sensory room and sensory garden fitted with a wheelchair accessible swing with Colossus Columns and Sansa-Rimba, plus much more...

All participants will have their own individual schedules that are followed as required and the overhead hoist, numerous mats and wedges help us deliver this service.

All of our participants will receive:
An in depth support plan co designed by parents/carers, professionals and the participant
Daily Communication Logs - including dietary, seizures charts, medication paperwork
Home Diaries - updated daily for family re-assurance and clear communication
Support if required for professional meetings
Weekly/Monthly Communication updates from assigned Key workers
All participants have their own assigned equipment, this includes specialist plates, bowls, and cutlery if this is required, aromatherapy oils, shower gels, hair brushes etc.

Our staff are all trained in Dysphagia and we can provide food and drinks on any of the IDDSI levels.

Service details
Categories Social Activities, Domiciliary and Day Care
Staff Qualifications Staff are qualified to deliver the services of Options for Life.
Gender both
Quality standards Staff subject to Disclosure & Barring Service
Last updated: Dec 8, 2022 15:15
Services focused on particular beneficiaries do not imply that they are offered exclusively to these persons only.