Delphinium Companionship Service

Address details
Organisation Omega, The National Association for End of Life Care
Address Omega London House Town Walls Shrewsbury
Contact details
Phone 01743 245 088
Opening hours Normal office hours are 9am to 5pm Monday-Friday.

Delphinium is a flexible and confidential telephone-based practical support and companionship service brought to you by Omega.

A trusted and experienced Delphinium Companion will complete a free complementary consultation to begin getting to know you, and gain a good understanding of your personal situation and how we can help.

Devoting at least an hour each week (or longer, if needed), your Delphinium Companion can offer a friendly, listening ear and emotional support. Delphinium can also help to facilitate and maintain important connections, and offers an efficient research service to find extra sources of help, such as appropriate professionals or community groups.

Delphinium is a pay-as-you-go, not-for-profit service which can supplement any existing help that you receive, and is tailored to support your needs and well-being. Some of the benefits of Delphinium:

- Companionship
- Strict confidentiality
- Flexibility
- Affordable pay-as-you-go rates
- Extra non-clinical support

Omega is an end of life charity working hard to raise standards in end of life care by supporting caregivers looking after someone with a terminal illness, people who are themselves end of life, and those who have been bereaved. We prioritise those aged over 75 and still caring or bereaved.
Omega, the National Association for End of Life Care

Registered Charity No.1120322
Registered Company No.6196052

Service details
Categories Befriending, Counselling and listening, Loss and breakdown, Carers support
Staff Qualifications Omega staff are fully trained and carefully matched to their clients.
Gender both
Quality standards Staff subject to Disclosure & Barring Service
Last updated: Aug 18, 2022 16:52
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