Free Young Person's Mental Health Project

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Organisation Cedar Counselling
Address 129 Pottery Road
B68 9HE
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Email admin@cedarcounselling.or.guk
Phone 0121 605 9260
Opening hours Appointments between 10 am and 3pm for the Free Young Person's Mental Health Project
Accessibility details Fully accessible

We are currently running a free young people’s mental health project (aged 18-25) thanks to a small amount of funding. This means that we are in a position to offer a limited amount of young people who fit this demographic 8 free therapy sessions. Our waiting time for therapy is currently 2 weeks post assessment and in some instances people are seen sooner. All we ask is that a one off small donation of £10 is made for the assessment session and following this they will be placed with a therapist who will offer them for 8 free sessions of Counselling.
As clinical lead of Cedar Counselling (a low cost and accessible counselling and mental health charity based in Bearwood, Birmingham) I have been conducting some research into mental health needs across a variety of different client groups in the Birmingham area. The research as you can imagine demonstrated a high need for mental health support across a broad range of groups and issues. It also demonstrated how under resourced mental health provision is, and how waiting lists within statutory services have reached a record 12 month wait for access to psychological therapies in some areas of Birmingham.

One of the groups identified in my research are people aged 18-25 who have left school, college or university and are now unemployed and feeling lost about the direction of their future. The research into this group identified underlying and unaddressed mental health issues such as anxiety, stress, panic and depression in early to late teens. Compounded by a massive life change such as the end of school and college intensified the existing and unaddressed issues; resulting in a large number of young people feeling lost, depressed and unsure about what to do with their lives.

Our therapists are available to help some of these young people who find themselves struggling with mental health and life transition issues to work through these issues and help them find a way forward. I really do feel that this is a worth while project, which will enable a transition into a happy, health and fulfilling life. I hope that you are able to forward our details or attached information sheet to anyone who you will feel could do with support and fits the criteria.

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Categories Advice, Counselling and listening
Staff Qualifications Staff fully qualified to deliver the services of Cedar Counselling
Gender both
Last updated: Jul 19, 2022 14:31
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