Green Garden Community Nursery

Address details
Organisation Confederation of Bangladeshi Organisations (CBO)
Address Green Garden Community Nursery Harwood Street West Bromwich
B70 9JF
West Bromwich
Contact details
Email /
Phone 0121 500 5441 - 0121 758 5550
Opening hours 9 am to 5 pm
Accessibility details Fully accessible

Welcome to Green Garden Community Nursery, we aim to meet your child’s needs by providing learning activities that will help develop your child’s skills both physically and socially enabling them to become independent and confident.


At Green Garden Community Nursery we seek to provide a caring, secure, happy, enabling environment and positive relationships in which every child can discover and realise their full potential.

About us.

Green Garden Community Nursery is a Charitable run day nursery situated on Harwood centre. The owner of the Nursery is Confederation of Bangladeshi Organisations (CBO). It provides foundation stage education for children aged 2 , 3 and 4. We are a small nursery and are able to provide children to settle in and gain confidence quickly in their new surroundings. We work hard to ensure all of the children in our care develop and achieve their full potential through play.
The nursery has the up to date equipment and highly experienced staff. The staff at Green Garden Community Nursery will provide your child with excellent educational opportunities that will ensure you child is “school ready”
We recognise the emotional needs of children include attention, affection, and security, a sense of belonging and personal growth. Children need encouragement to learn from experience, the opportunity to explore, investigate, experiment and be given appropriate activities that encourage them to reach their full potential.
All children learn through play – the principal means of learning in early childhood. Through play children gradually develop concepts, make judgements and use their imagination.

Service details
Categories Children and youth activities
Staff Qualifications Staff qualified to deliver services.
Gender both
Last updated: Feb 3, 2021 12:41
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