Summer Holiday Actives Program (HAF)

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Organisation Name of organisation: Empowering People In Change – C.I.C
Address Main Hall Greets Green Community Centre 157 Wood Lane
B70 9BT
West Bromwich

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Phone 07366 457602
Opening hours We are running the over three weeks:
Week 1 31/07/23 - 4/08/23 (9.30am - 2.30pm)
Week 2 07/08/23 - 10/08/23 (9.30am - 2.30pm)
Week 3 14/08/23 - 17/08/23 (9.30am - 2.30Pm)
Accessibility details Fully accessible

EPIC CIC will provide children from the ages of 4 – 16 with sport, nutrition awareness arts and craft activities. We are keen to educate children about being healthy and looking after their wellbeing. EPIC CIC believes that taking part in creative arts and physical activities is a good way to support children’s wellbeing and educating them to live a healthy life, which will benefit them throughout their life. Through our workshops around nutrition and physical education, we aim to improve their knowledge on what eating healthy means and support them with the development of new skills. By encouraging children to make informed choices about eating healthy will not only help them feel good, but it will also reduce any risks of future health problems. This will also help with their emotional and mental wellbeing. The physical activities will allow children to learn social skills, like team working, making friends, and understand that working together is a better way to problem solve. This will hopefully encourage children to discuss any problems they are facing and to understand they are not alone.

Service details

Categories Exercise, sport & recreation, Children and youth activities
Staff Qualifications The staff are qualified to deliver the services of EPIC CIC.
Gender All
Quality standards Staff subject to Disclosure & Barring Service
Last updated: Dec 19, 2023 13:13
Services focused on particular beneficiaries do not imply that they are offered exclusively to these persons only.