PAGE - Parent Advocacy, Guidance and Empowerment

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Organisation Sandwell Advocacy
Address 28 Wood Street

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Phone 0121 520 8070
Opening hours Monday to Friday 9 am - 5 pm
Accessibility details Service only available for residents of Sandwell.

The project is delivered as part of the Communities in Sync (CIS) consortium which is a partnership of local health, social care and well-being providers working together to improve the lives of people in the local community.

Parent Advocacy, Guidance and Empowerment (PAGE)

Free support for parents with learning disabilities and/or autism who are subject to interventions from Children’s Services, by offering a range of support options that includes the provision of:
Independent Advocacy and
Independent Living Skills Training
Sandwell Advocacy - Independent Advocacy - support for parents/carers with a Learning Disability or Autism to:
• Speak up for themselves and ensure their voice is heard
• Understand Child Protection Procedures including legal paperwork
• Understand their rights in order to make informed decisions
• Build positive relationships between other agencies/professionals
• Support will be provided at:
• Core group reviews
• Child in Need, Child Protection and solicitor meetings
• Case conferences and court hearings
Ideal 4 All - Independent Living Skills - support for parents/carers with a Learning Disability or Autism:
• Practical 'hands on' support (one to one and groups) for independence, positive health & mental wellbeing and ‘skills for life’:
• Home management and safety; budgeting and financial management
• Problem solving; being responsible and safe; travel training; managing routines and commitments
• Cooking, eating and nutrition
• Personal hygiene and care, condition management/self-help
• Healthy relationships, socialisation, reducing loneliness
• Navigation and referral to other local voluntary, community, and statutory support services
All referrals must be resident in Sandwell and be a person with a learning disability or autism and involved with children’s services including:
• Sandwell’s Strengthening Families
• Sandwell Children’s Trust - Child in Need plan
• Sandwell Children’s Trust – Child Protection plan
• Where a child or children have been removed and are subject to interim care orders
• Where Parents are at risk of a Public Law Outline process (PLO)
• The parents are subject to a parent’s assessment (PAMS) where there are child protection concerns.

To be eligible to access the PAGE independent living skills support referrals must require greater intervention than that currently offered by existing providers and/or Children’s Centres. The PAGE project will not duplicate parenting support services that already exist to which referrals can be signposted.

Where a referral is received from a third party, we must be satisfied that the individual being referred has consented to their details being passed on to us.

To make a referral please contact:

Tel: 0121 520 8070


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Categories Advocacy, Advice, Parent and family support
Staff Qualifications All our advocacy practitioners have or are working towards the professional National Advocacy Qualification
Gender All
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