Handyman services

Address details
Organisation Emerging Communities Network
Address Thimbemill Library Thimblemill Road
B67 5RJ
Contact details
Email info.emconet@gmail.com
Phone 07907 580 787
Website http://www.emconet.org.uk
Opening hours 10 am - 6 pm
Accessibility details location is on the 1st floor, a lift is available

providing small and essential repairs, decorations and fixing inside and outside of the house. we can replace handles, electric appliances (eg. dishwasher), fit a door in the doorframe, redecorate the whole room, ceiling, lounge or stairs.
Our favourite job is small brick-work, gardening cleaning and painting
The job is provided on discounted prices and focus on vulnerable and elderly clients

Service details
Categories Advocacy, Social Activities, Outreach, Emergency help (incl. food)
Staff Qualifications Staff qualified to deliver the services of Emerging Communities Network
Gender both
Quality standards Staff subject to Disclosure & Barring Service
Ethnicity focus English, Polish, Eastern European
Last updated: Nov 26, 2021 14:14
Services focused on particular beneficiaries do not imply that they are offered exclusively to these persons only.